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Footprints is a suite of asset track & trace, monitoring and management solutions. The suite can digitally assess, assure and manage assets in an organisation and improve business efficiency.

Footprints can streamline a logistics network, organize warehouses, automate inventory management and digitize facility management to meet HSE compliance obligations.

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iDesk is a simple yet effective graphical dashboard. The solution offers, for the leader of an organization, a view of key information and relevant performance metrics at a glance.

iDesk organizes workflows, digitises interactions, catalogues information and significantly improves collective productivity. The team is enabled to delivery organisational priorities efficiently.


TRIPS (Total Revenue Integrity Processing System) is a configurable suite of solutions for tax and revenue collections for authorities. The suite enables revenue authorities to increase tax revenues, reduce leakages, re-engineer administration and improve operations and services.

TRIPS delivers e-services to tax payers and strengthens public finance management. This solution is brought to market in collaboration with Techno Brain Limited.

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