About Hito IT Solutions L.L.C.

We are an innovation company bringing productivity enhancements to business delivery through smart technology and creative design.

We support your business processes with digital solutions, crafted with utmost care to improve efficiency and make your organisation to work better.

Our solution development practices
Code Quality Analysis

We use SonarQube for software code analysis.

SonarQube ensures that all our engineers follow strict coding standards and conventions. The tools minimise duplications, flag potential security vulnerabilities and ensure complete code coverage during testing.

Peer Reviews

Peer reviews is designed to assess software quality.

We practise a methodical approach that ensures a thorough and robust review with code checks for bugs, typos, standards, comments and references. Our process helps the entire team to have a common understanding of the complete project.

Unit / Integration / System Testing

We believe in quality assurance delivered by thorough testing.

Our Unit tests cover all functionalities of the product individually. We then run integration tests with UI/UX and functionalities. We finally run end-to-end system tests before release to customer for acceptance. We automate our tests using the Nightwatch framework.


Our process is continuous integrations and continuous deployments with rigorous tests and Sonar analysis.

Successful Sonar checks trigger Peer reviews. Software is merged into code repository only after peer reviews is complete. A repository merger triggers automated deployment process pipeline. This process ensures that live systems are always up-to-date.

Client Application (Frontend)
ReactJS (javascript)

A JavaScript library for building user interfaces.


A predictable state container for JS apps


An open source toolkit for developing with HTML, CSS and JS

Server (Backend) & Database
Django (Python)

A high-level python web framework that enables rapid development and clean, pragmatic designs.


A powerful, open source object-relational database system with first class support for geographical data.

DevOps (Deployment and Hosting)
Gitlab CI/CD

A tool built into GitLab for software development through the continuous methodologies.

Amazon Web Services

Framework that has services to build sophisticated applications with flexibility, scalability and reliability.


Container solutions for developers, architects, DevOps, and Information Technology.


Webserver that serves our frontend application.

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