Total Revenue Integrity Processing System - TRIPS

The demands placed on tax and revenue administrations are increasing. Governments are under pressure to maintain or increase revenue by enabling voluntary compliance and at the same time, taxpayers expect greater transparency along with faster and better service.

TRIPS is the answer to this complex set of challenges. It is designed by tax administration and modernisation experts to deliver improvement in all aspects of revenue administration. TRIPS improves compliance and transparency with multi-channel support, and helps build a better tax base; offering enhanced functionality to taxpayers and administrators.


  • Taxpayer registration with biometric integration
  • Taxpayer registration with biometric integration
  • Accounting and revenue collection
  • Intelligence and risk management
  • Online self-service & returns filing
  • Integration API support
  • Advanced case management scheduling
  • Workflow driven task management
  • User configurable taxes, duties and fees
  • Management Information
  • Business Intelligence and performance metrics
  • Web Chat & Customer Service

Benefits for Authorities

  • Increased revenue collection through improved compliance and targeted intervention
  • Reduced costs from moving to self- service channels and process automation
  • A 360-degree view of all data across Taxpayer, Taxes, Officers, Offices, Districts and Regions
  • Improved compliance through full automation of enforcement actions and transactional risk assessment
  • A sustainable solution that is easy to use and configurable to adapt to changing business needs

Benefits for Taxpayers

  • Easy ‘one-stop-shop’ access to revenue departments at all times
  • Transparent and predictable services from revenue agencies
  • Save time and effort through online filing and payment services
  • A 360-degree view across all interactions with authority across all tax accounts
  • Anytime access to customer service for advice, action or complaint

TRIPS is designed and proven to help revenue authorities improve their performance efficiency.

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